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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Queen Anne's Lace Wedding Invitation Set

In time for the summer wedding season, my Queen Anne's Lace Wedding Invitation Set features a closeup photograph of the tiny white flowers of Queen Anne's Lace blended into a pleasantly blurred golden sunny bokeh background. The collection includes three invitation styles as well as RSVP and save-the-date cards and reception table guest place cards. Click the image below to view the entire collection.

Queen Anne's Lace wildflower wedding invitations and coordinates from katzdzynes on Zazzle

Funny story ... though you can find this Queen Anne's lace image on publicdomainpictures.net, this photograph is actually mine. I uploaded it to my collection of public domain images at jks Lola back in 2014, but when I ran across the image in my archives recently, I saw it "in a new light" and thought it would make a lovely rustic wedding invitation--four additional years of graphic design experience will do that, I guess. :) I have since found the original photograph taken in 2011. Unfortunately, I may never find the file where I enhanced the image to achieve that beautiful golden bokeh background. Oh well.

Queen Anne's Lace photo by katzdzynes

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