Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's a Parson / Jack Russell pool party

Last one in the pool is a soggy tennis ball!

Here is my entry for Spoonflower's "Dog Days" challenge

Parson / Jack Russell pool party

This whimsical pattern features four different Jack Russell / Parson Russell Terriers with varied brown and black head/body markings and a charming doggy head tilt, standing on their colorful blue, pink, orange and lime pool float mats with a tennis ball in a clear blue swimming pool, each wearing a colorful swim ring (with a tiny JRT pattern) around her neck and surrounded by colorful swimming noodles and balls and yellow starfish-shaped floating chew toys.

Click the image below to vote for your favorite patterns in Spoonflower's "Dog Days" design challenge.

Parson Jack Russell pool party - vote for designs in Spoonflower's Dog Days challenge

Click here to view my JRT / PRT fabrics collection in my Spoonflower shop.

This pattern is also available on select products in my Zazzle shop:

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New rustic lake wedding invitations and collection

If you love kayaking, canoeing, camping or hiking, then you'll love my newest wedding invitations and coordinating collection featuring a scenic rustic landscape oil pastels sketch, Great Blue Heron / Egret silhouette accents and a dark teal blue color theme. Click the image below to view the full collection.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Personalized girls' volleyball phone cases

Think about this ... as the defender in a volleyball match, your job is to prevent the ball from hitting the floor on your side of the court, but inevitably that ace serve, back court hit or quick little dink over the net occasionally gets by, the ball hits the floor, and the offensive team earns a point. Similarly, no matter how careful you are with your phone, it will likely fall victim to gravity one day, potentially costing you more than just a point.

Consider protecting your phone with a sporty volleyball-themed OtterBox case--click the image below to see the full collection of katzdzynes' protective volleyball cases designed just for girls.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Nature lovers' heron egret wedding invitations

For your lakeside or riverside wedding celebration, these rustic wedding invitation cards, created with elements from my own personal kayaking photographs, feature the silhouette of a Great Blue Heron or Egret wading in tall marsh grass in a variety of design styles, including a beautiful rustic mountain lakeside scene with lightly rippled but calm water reflecting distant evergreens and rock structures. On Zazzle, you can choose from a variety of paper types, including linen, kraft and pearl shimmer. For a truly unique heron/egret nature-themed wedding invitation, choose a real foil card in silver or gold, with the majestic heron wading in marsh grass and the couple's initials on the front of these cards in metallic silver or gold foil on premium gray or kraft papers. The cards open to 5" x 7" where you'll find the heron graphic duplicated on the inside bottom edge of the card in monochromatic tones.

See all of katzdzynes' nature-themed wedding invitations here

Monday, April 1, 2019

Tiny Jack Russell Terriers pattern monogrammed iPhone XS Case

New at katzdzynes!

This cute Jack Russells pattern iPhone case with custom monogram features eight randomly arranged cartoon JRTs with varied brown and black ear, head and body markings

Tiny Jack Russell Terriers pattern monogrammed iPhone XS Case

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Girls' volleyball team photo posters 50% off

For a unique end-of-season girls' volleyball team gift, add the team's photo to a sporty commemorative volleyball poster from katz_d_zynes. These posters feature an abstractly enlarged volleyball with custom high school team colors upon which you can customize the school name, team mascot name and school year plus each player's name and jersey number. A floral kaleidoscopic pattern is blended with the non-white volleyball panels, and an artsy abstract swirl pattern is blended with the white panels for a girly vibe. Many team color combinations are available.

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Volleyball "beach please" mugs 50% off

These personalized volleyball coffee mugs feature the popular play-on-words phrase "beach please" in mixed typography overlying a white volleyball. The text has a sunset ombre color gradient of dark orange to gold outlined in white, and the background features a bold vertical stripe on each side of the mug that contrasts / complements the background color--choose orange/teal, blue/yellow or gold/teal, or customize with your own color choices.

Save 50% through 3/31/19 with code GOBIGZAZZLEZ

Offer valid until 3/31/2019 11:59:59 PM PDT