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Friday, March 24, 2017

Custom soccer balls everywhere low-top shoes

These fun soccer balls patterned low-top ZIPZ shoes give you the option to choose your favorite color or your favorite team's color as a background, or mix it up and pick a color for EACH canvas component of each shoe!

Your choice custom color soccer balls everywhere Low-Top ZIPZ shoes

These fun soccer ball patterned low top ZIPZ® shoes for guys or girls look cool as is with a white background, but go ahead and choose ANY background color for each shoe's canvas components.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rustic mountain lake reflection wedding invitation

A new font combination is now available in the Mountain Lake rustic wedding invitation suite from katzdzynes that features a rustic lakeside or riverside scene under an overcast sky with lightly rippled but calm water reflecting distant evergreens and rock structures, perfect for your mountain, lakeside, or riverside wedding celebration.

Rustic mountain lake reflection wedding invitation
This rustic wedding invitation was created from one of my own personal photographs and enhanced with a subtle digital watercolor effect to soften edges, with the resulting image evoking a dreamy, peaceful feeling

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