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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Child's dog-themed party invites and collection

This dog is ready to katzdzynes!

This whimsical dog-themed kid's birthday party collection for girls and boys features an adorable Jack Russell Terrier who is ready for some birthday party fun wearing a colorful wavy striped birthday party hat with a tassel and blowing on a party horn. The dog has two birthday gifts sitting at her feet, and she brought her tennis ball to the party, too, although it's not a gift...she'd like you to throw it for her ;) The invitations and party goods in this cute child's dog party collection have a funky wavy striped background of faded teal, lime, pink and orange for girls and blue, rust, gold and purple for boys that coordinates with the party hat and party horn - on the reverse is a colorful flag bunting graphic with text that reads, "Happy Birthday" - Jack Russell Terrier with Head Tilt design © katz_d_zynes 2017

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post updated March 2019
(updated Jack Russell Terrier with Head Tilt design © katz_d_zynes 2019)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My chipmunk visitors

A number of years ago, armed with my new digital camera and a handful of in-shell peanuts, I prepped for a photo session in a shady spot in my yard where I had seen chipmunks scurrying about. Onto two short tree stumps about two feet apart I set two tree trunk slices, creating a couple small “tables.” I placed peanuts on one of the “tables” then set my camera to burst mode and placed it on the other “table.”
The fun began within 15 minutes of my arranging the peanuts and setting the focus on my camera when the first chipmunk arrived, and slowly, one by one, the pile of peanuts began to disappear. The chipmunk didn’t seem to mind my close proximity in the least and made repeated stops at the peanut pile, taking one peanut at a time back to its hiding place after fussing with each peanut, spinning each one around multiple times to get it in its mouth just so.

Aside from the knowledge that chipmunks LOVE peanuts, make their homes underground and are quite persistent about reopening access to their underground dwelling if it has been filled in, I didn’t know much else about them. That was until recently when I was contacted by someone who wanted to use a few of the chipmunk photos I had uploaded to jks Lola at to illustrate a story about chipmunks that would be part of a new compilation of short stories originally written by Enos A. Mills (1870 - 1922), the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park."

My chipmunk callers is one of Mills’ entertaining and educational short stories that can be found in the public domain--his writings are based on his observations of wildlife and nature, and this story plus nine others and Mills’ biography now have been translated into French and published. Click here to learn more about this book, L'histoire de Scotch le chien et autres r├ęcits de la vie sauvage (The Story of Scotch the dog and other tales of wild life)

While I am not currently active at, you can find patterns, calendars/templates, backgrounds, photos, graphics and design elements that I have created that may work for your project. Wow! Over 162,000 downloads at the time of this blog post - Thank You!

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