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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New rustic wedding invitation card

Check out what I've just added to my store:

Tranquil Rustic Lake Evergreens Reflection
slender vertical wedding invitation cards

These stylish rustic wedding invitation cards are part of my Mountain Lake Rustic Wedding Collection and feature a peaceful scene under an overcast sky from the point of view of a paddler sitting in their kayak on the water, composed of distant evergreens and rock structures reflected on the surface of a calm, lightly rippled body of water--two eagles or ospreys can be seen flying above the trees in the distance. With a sepia tone and edge vignetting, the image has the appearance of an antique photograph. Depending on the design style you choose, you can customize your celebration details either at the top portion of the card over a soft, cream colored gradient that blends with the overcast sky OR at the bottom of the card atop the water's reflection of the overcast sky. The difficult part will be deciding which design style to choose.

Mountain Lake rustic wedding invitations and collection
Mountain Lake rustic wedding collection

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Check out my custom JRT mom tote bag

I've heard many great reviews about the all-over print tote bags from Zazzle, and now that I've gotten my hands on one, I can say the reviews are all true!

Here's a side-by-side comparison for you--the image on the left is from Zazzle's product page, and the image on the right is the actual bag. The colors and pattern details are just as I designed. I'm quite pleased with my JRT mom tote bag!

The dog in the pattern on this particular bag represents an illustrated portrayal of my own adopted Jack Russell dog, but you'll find other Jack Russell dog patterns in my Gifts for Jack Russell Terrier lovers collection on Zazzle, including additional monogrammed tote bags, blankets and other goods with my newest pattern of eight different "Jacks" with varied brown and black head and body markings, perfect for JRT moms!