Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New rustic lake wedding invitations and collection

If you love kayaking, canoeing, camping or hiking, then you'll love my newest wedding invitations and coordinating collection featuring a scenic rustic lake in the mountains landscape oil pastels sketch, Great Blue Heron / Egret silhouette accents and a dark teal blue color theme.

Lake in the Mountains Rustic Wedding Collection by katzdzynes

Kayaking, canoeing and hiking enthusiasts will love these rustic, nature-themed wedding invitations and coordinates, perfect for a lakeside or mountain wedding celebration. The design features an oil pastels sketch of a lightly rippled but calm lake reflecting distant evergreens, cedar trees and rock structures on its surface and distant mountains under a blue sky with wispy clouds. Some items are accented with a silhouetted heron / egret graphic.

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