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Her favorite things

But first ... coffee.
Have you had your first cup yet today? Your third? Perhaps coffee time for you is all day, or at least until that time of day when it's acceptable to drink wine?

Well, if a good mood and sunshiny disposition are not possible without your daily caffeine jolt, or if you are acquainted with a special someone whose morning motto is "No talkie before coffee," then you'll likely enjoy my Zazzle gifts collection "If coffee is her favorite thing" that includes fun coffee-themed gifts like mugs (duh!), tote bags and throw pillows, leggings and t-shirts, plus wall clocks and device cases. Click here to browse the "If coffee is her favorite thing" collection on Zazzle.

Got chocolate?
While my sweet tooth can be satisfied with any number of confectionery goodies (okay, yes! I LOVE candy corn and conversation hearts), chocolate is DEFINITELY one of my favorite things--except for when I have a migraine ... that's when coffee is my favorite thing. Most days, though, there's just no such thing as too much chocolate! Certainly chocolate is cheaper than therapy, but imagine if chocolate was a remedy for migraines ... now, wouldn't that be something! So for all of the chocoholics out there, and those that love them, click here to browse the "If chocolate is her favorite thing" collection on Zazzle that includes chocolate-themed tees, throw pillows, custom printed shoes and much more. If chocolate is one of her favorite things ... a collection on Zazzle

For the Wine Goddess (and Wine Not?)
If wine is her favorite thing ... a collection on Zazzle
If wine is her favorite thing ... a collection on Zazzle

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