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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ace serve girls' volleyball cases gifts

A perfect volleyball serve is definitely reason to celebrate. A recent Instagram post by a young female volleyball player was the inspiration for my new design, "Ace Serve." In her post she is seen jumping and celebrating with her team on the volleyball court, a little excited after achieving a volleyball "hat trick" -- ace, kill, and block. Nice!

One of the key features of my newest design is the word "Ace" in a showy, flaunty, cursive font, but there's no missing the volleyball just inside the court boundary that the defense mistakenly called "OUT!" Except for the portion of the ball that touches the court, the volleyball is purposely blurred to suggest motion, and the background has a streaky texture that also gives this design a feeling of action.

My Ace Serve girls' volleyball collection will be expanding with more color themes and products, so be sure to check back and see what's new! And, if you'd like this design with a specific color combination or on a product not shown, simply email your request to me.

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