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Monday, February 16, 2015

My first Zazzle sales

Truth be told, my first product offerings at Zazzle were not too popular. After a few months, though, sales finally started trickling in, beginning with this nature-themed stationery featuring the silhouette of a majestic Great Blue Heron fishing in tall marsh grass at the water's edge, a composite of elements from a couple of my own kayaking photographs.
Stationery with heron silhouetteStationery with heron silhouette

This Kayak Christmas Tree greeting card was my next sale, a design that has been one of my most popular - my KCT Christmas ornaments are a big favorite. A lot of work went into getting the colors and shading just right to get that kayaks-are-really-stuck-in-the-snow look.
Kayak Christmas Tree - Greeting CardKayak Christmas Tree - Greeting Card

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