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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New collections at katzdzynes

Women's volleyball any color :: choose your color

Creativity rules ... at Zazzle!
And this collection of women's volleyball themed products from katzdzynes lets you "take the reins" and customize any of the products within the collection with any color you choose! Check out my YouTube video to learn how easy it is at Zazzle to customize funky, retro style party shades or a cute wristwatch with your team's colors, or match your room decor with a custom color wall decal, clock or sporty hanging lamp:

Women's volleyball any color :: choose your color

Red White and Blue Women's Volleyball

Go team! All women's volleyball, and all red, white and blue!
This new collection features a variety of design styles on device cases and other volleyball themed gifts--katzdzynes' popular "Girly Volleyball" composite with graphic of a silhouetted female volleyball player jumping at the net has been given a patriotic color change for the summer of 2016, plus the red and blue panels on the volleyball have an abstract texture look effect for a very chic vibe. Or, you may prefer a more simple but still sporty volleyball design featuring three red, white and blue volleyballs aligned randomly on two stripes in red and blue. Click an image below to see the entire collection.

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red white and blue women's volleyball cases and gifts

Pop Art Women's Volleyball

Fun and colorful, this stylized women's volleyball cases and gifts collection features multicolored volleyballs--pink and purple, turquoise and blue, yellow and orange--that have a chic blended abstract texture effect...some products have an overlying 3D look volleyball net. Also part of this collection are clear iPhone cases that feature a simple design with three of the stylized volleyballs arranged randomly.

Something Fruity

Two fun and colorful patterns in one! This yummy design features a bright red cherries pattern with single and paired cherries with still intact stems and leaves layered over an equally sweet pale pastels plaid. Also available are products with only the cherries pattern on a customizable ivory background.

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