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Monday, October 3, 2016

New Kayak Christmas Tree Aurora Borealis

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New for the 2016 Christmas season! The Kayak Christmas Tree from katzdzynes has been propped in a snowbank in yet another scenic location, this time with a glorious luminescent green and purple Aurora Borealis display in the background!

Green, red and yellow kayaks standing on end in the snow and leaning against each other along with 3 kayak paddles provide the perfect impromptu Christmas tree, simply decorated with paper snowflakes and a few long gold and white ribbons and a pretty yellow star. I have taken some creative liberties by including a silhouetted flock of geese in the distance, flying seemingly toward the Northern Lights; though Canada geese generally fly south for the winter, it is not uncommon to see them during the winter months in the northern United States, especially if lakes and rivers have not frozen. An eagle can be seen flying overhead, and through a light snowfall can be seen distant tall evergreens with a bit of snow accumulated on their boughs. The front and inside messages on the card are customizable.

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