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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Gifts for Jack Russell Terrier lovers

Gifts for Jack Russell Terrier lovers collection from katzdzynes Dogs really do have it all figured out. That charming little doggy head tilt from even the naughtiest of dogs is simply irresistible! And my own feisty Jack Russell Terrier, Khloe, is no exception. She's not naughty, though, just your average energetic JRT. And my newest collection on Zazzle features an endearing, cartoon-like portrayal of Khloe with her head cocked to one side. This image began as a drawing on my tablet while bored with television one night, with final image clean-up and additional details completed on my PC.

Below is a sampling of products from my Gifts for Jack Russell Terrier lovers collection on Zazzle, or click the image above to view the full collection.

Updated 24Feb21

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