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Girls' basketball keychains

Select a keychain below to visit my Zazzle shop where you can personalize it and place your order. With simple customization and bulk order discounts on orders of 10 or more of these button-style keychains, these make a great team spirit builder, perfect for each member of the team.

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update February 2023
Zazzle has discontinued its button-style keychains.

Existing button keychain designs have been transferred to Zazzle's sturdy, double-sided aluminum keyrings--clicking on any of katzdzynes' keychain links with the discontinued style image will automatically link to the new style keyring on Zazzle.
The personalization process remains the same.
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update February 2024 -- Design styles shown below are suitable for girls AND boys

Click here to browse more basketball keychains (suitable for girls AND boys) on this site

Click here to browse more basketball keychains
in a variety of color combinations and design styles for girls and boys
in my Zazzle shop

update jan23