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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Personalized volleyball keychains

Because the volleyball court really is her happy place

Check out these colorful volleyball keychains recently added to my Zazzle shop. Personalize with her name (and jersey number and team name/mascot on some) for use as a keychain, bag tag, duffle tag or backpack tag, or as an inexpensive gift for each member of the team.

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update February 2023
Zazzle has discontinued its button-style keychains.

Existing button keychain designs have been transferred to Zazzle's sturdy, double-sided aluminum keyrings--clicking on any of katzdzynes' keychain links with the discontinued style image will automatically link to the new style keyring on Zazzle.
The personalization process remains the same.
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Personalized volleyball keychains from katzdzynes, because the volleyball court really IS her happy place

Click the above image to search the button-style volleyball keychains available
in my Zazzle shop.

update jun22