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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Personalized sports jigsaw puzzles

Are you looking for indoor games that the family can do together? Well, it's time to clear the coffee table 'cuz I have an idea for families with athletes, young and young-at-heart . . .
personalized volleyball puzzles by katz_d_zynes
These volleyball-themed jigsaw puzzles for girls and boys feature a pattern design that should make each puzzle more than a little challenging. Plus, each can be customized with an athlete's name and jersey number (or monogram) to commemorate a player's sports season.

A variety of sizes are available, including 8" x 10" with 110 pieces and 16" x 20" with 520 pieces.

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(update 6/26/2021 - The patterns on these jigsaw puzzles transfer nicely to spiral notebooks and clipboards--on the Zazzle product page, scroll down to "Transfer design to a product" to see the spiral notebook and clipboard options, or click "View all products" to search other design transfer product options)

Personalized jigsaw puzzles by katzdzynes

update June 2023