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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sports gifts under $10

team sports gifts under $10

It's heartbreaking that so many kids didn't get to finish out their school sports seasons this year due to nationwide school closures. In many cases locally, only the championship game remained. And spring sports were just getting started but are now on hold.

Maybe you know a kiddo or teen athlete that could use a little pick-me-up gift? I've sorted the least expensive sports gifts in my Zazzle shop to make it easier for you to find items under $10. Actually, most (keychains and buttons) are under $5 each.

Click the image above to shop over 600 sports gift ideas for girls and boys that include basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and volleyball keychains, buttons, stickers and greeting cards, most with custom school team colors, all of which can be personalized.

Or use these quick links for more sport-specific shopping:

Volleyball (search 23 team color categories)
Basketball (search 24 team color categories)
Soccer (search 24 team color categories)
Baseball & Softball

Search tip:
I used a varsity-letter-style font on A LOT of the products so that they would be appropriate for a girl or a boy :)

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